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  • Product Name: Abbreviated as folding stool, folding stool is a kind of stool that can be folded, which can save space, is,convenient,and fast, and can be carried with you.
  • Material: steel pipe, oxford cloth, folding stools are made of green and environmentally friendly materials, non-toxic and tasteless,can be used with confidence.
  • Size: 55*55*86cm, please see the product map for details.
  • Use occasions: outdoor, indoor, family and other public places.
  • Uses and features: The design makes the details different. When you don't need to fold it, it is a good choice for the elderly,to,bend or travel. The folding stool effectively solves the space problem and is the choice of outdoor outdoor items.
Design: fit the actual style, simple and generous, reasonable design concept, clear.Material characteristics: Metal pipe production has the characteristics of convenient and stable carrying.Patent name: making a simple folding stool, handmade.Purpose: To provide a folding stool with a small number of parts, to improve production efficiency and appearance, light weight, no space occupation, and high safety.Advantages: The stool legs can be folded into the stool surface, and viewed from the outside, it is just a stool surface, which is very convenient to carry.Nursing method: metal material, try to use a dry cloth to remove dust, and the oxford area is cleaned with professional care,products.Product delivery cycle is 8-15 days, please forgive us for the inconvenience, our service: warm reception, honest reply, our product design is practical, simple and generous, the best material selection, quality assurance The design concept is reasonable, welcome customers to visit, we will cooperate with you in the most sincere way, quality service, thank you for coming, I wish you a happy shopping!

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