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  • Wooden Dome Slatted Driveway Gates 3ft H
  • Made to order in Swindon Wiltshire.
  • Dispatch within 10-15 working day
  • Treated Wood
Wooden Dome Slatted Driveway Gates 6ft H- Good choice of sizes - can make other sizes. 120cm, 4ft gates are 2 gates @ 60cm Wide 140cm, 4.6ft gates are 2 gates @ 70cm Wide 152cm, 5ft gates are 2 gates @ 76cm Wide 170cm, 5.6ft gates are 2 gates @ 85cm Wide 182cm, 6ft gates are 2 gates @ 91cm Wide 198cm, 6.6ft gates are 2 gates @ 99cm Wide 213cm, 7ft gates are 2 gates @ 106.5cm Wide 229cm, 7.6ft gates are 2 gates @ 114.5cm W 244cm, 8ft gates are 2 gates @ 122cm Wide 259cm, 8.6ft gates are 2 gates @ 129.5cm Wide 274cm, 9ft gates are 2 gates @ 137cm Wide 289cm, 9.6ft gates are 2 gates @ 144.5cm Wide 304cm, 10ft gates are 2 gates @ 152cm Wide 320cm, 10.6ft gates are 2 gates @160cm Wide 335cm, 11ft gates are 2 gates @ 167.5cm Wide 351cm, 11.6ft gates are 2 gates @ 175.5cm Wide 366cm, 12ft gates are 2 gates @ 183cm Wide 381cm, 12.6ft are 2 gates @ 190.5cm Wide 396cm, 13ft are 2 gates @ 198cm Wide Hinges and catches not supplied - not jointed, screwed together. Hand made to order in Swindon Wiltshire. All our wood is source locally. Family run business. We make all our products in house by hand. "Brand new and unused, however, some of wood may have some very slight markings/imperfections. These are genuinely minimal, do not affect the gate movements. This can be a small mark of ink/stamp on the wood which usually doesn't even notice or could be easily rubbed out". All our wood is treatment; Tanalised ' E. This is safe for humans animals wildlife organic vegetables and plants AND ( CHILDREN ). We use Tanalised Treated timber, this prevents rotting. The producers of our timber say that their tanalised timber should last at least 15 years, we do however, recommend that you treat your purchase every three years or so and they will last for many many years. We are sorry we do not ship to IRELAND, Guernsey, Jersey, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man . We do offer a bespoke service. Tel: 01793 814582

Smileswoodcraft Wooden Dome Slatted Driveway Gates 6ft H 170cm 5 6ft W 2 gates 85cm W B076VP1KT5

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