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  • Nachsortierte quality no need to Nachbehandelt the boards are natural protected and needs so no special subsequent treatment
›See more product details Product Description 'Nachsortierte quality no need to nachbehandelt the boards are natural protected and needs so no special treatment. If you have the board assembly, you should wipe clean with a standard wood cleaner one short. So that the red colour for a long time remains, you can take off the wood with an additional Entgrauer. Easy to clean in the longer lifetime of the, if you need the wood with a special Lärchenöl once a year. Otherwise requires particular high point of very stable decking made from Siberian Larch no maintenance. In the Eastern Europe at home the Siberian Larch is in Mongolia and Russia homely – which is in the East of Sibirien. For use as decking is this wood very well suited as it is very hard and durable. What draw the Siberian Larch made from? The fact that the Siberian Larch A very Harzhaltiges wood, the board is extremely weather resistant. The Siberian Larch is just like the Douglas Fir wood already by nature extremely well protected against pest infestation. The wood so is especially well-suited as a board for your terrace. A resistance class 2-3 according to DIN, which the Siberian Larch, is a shelf life of up to 10 years. Regular care of the board does feet and can extend the lifespan in addition. Note: Our ribbed planed decking made from Siberian Larch, were manufactured in Germany. Do something if resin comes out? Thanks to its texture the Siberian Larch tends to resins, as it naturally a high resin content. The Escape is normal and will not affect shortage of the wood. You can just take the larch along a Harzlösenden Medium. Installation Tips On How They also your decking installation can be found here: notes on wood is a natural product. It allows us to variations between the pattern and delivered, such as in the Astigkeit, are eliminated. The display on the screen may vary due to technical of environments depending on your monitor settings. The mounting of the decking and the substructure must be carried out according to the "rules of the Carpenters trade). Holztypische Features, Such As Dry cracks, branches, stains, Drehwuchs, resin Gallen, source and Schwindve action of the wood, you are no grounds for complaint. They can help hardwoods A natural proportion of pinholes. These are pin holes/freß channels, which are caused by food fresh wooden insects. These are safe and don't produce any high-quality compromise for the type of wood. Baby Sleep and gets rid of transport-related water and mould stains on wood decking oil Teak are cut off the roll and will be a long time due to UV radiation or automatically. Decking not included in box Condition at a right angle and Maßgenau and must be installed at the mattress cut cut. Decide for yourself how much natural you want on your patio block. Standard Battery Cover, without making the decking are not presorted. This means that, as well as can be found in other natural products, decking with the have a Naturbedingte deviation. We strongly recommend that if you's The Craftsman so if your order of needle/Hardwoods, therefore, a no need to add 5 to 10% design Material. More Left any questions about the item? Newsletter Abonieren

Woodstore Trading Company SILHS2314315Siberian Larch Fluted Corrugated Board Coarse Fine in Germany gehobelt 27x 145mm Length 4m Plain B01M0WKX2H

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